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Electric Pet Flea Comb

Electric Pet Flea Comb

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Let’s kill fleas without pesticides or chemicals!



Fleas are painful for your cat or dog. When fleas bite, they can cause allergy and dermatitis. These are the causes of that uncomfortable itching that makes your furry friends scratch and bite themselves.



This will make fleas on your pets disappear instantly while grooming their fur. After detecting and killing a flea, it gathers the fleas and lets you discard in a hands-free way with a simple button pressing. A gentle electric charge is applied to kill fleas without harming your pet.





EASY TO USE: Simply comb your pets and automatically kill the fleas, no extra tool needed.



COMPACT DESIGN: Small design make sure it is handy and that it can be carried anywhere with your pets.



SAFE & SECURE: This flea comb is chemical and pesticide-free. The electric charge that it has won’t hurt your pets.



WIDE USAGE: Great to use for cats and dogs of all ages and with ALL coat lengths.


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