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Dog Water Sprinkler

Dog Water Sprinkler

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Keep Your Dog Occupied For Hours With Dog Water Sprinkler!



This Dog Water Sprinkler is a multifunctional dog toy which can be used as a dog foot-drinking fountain, outdoor bathing shower, and sprinkling toy.




Step-on Drinking Fountain: Once the dog steps on the pedal, the shower hole immediately sprays water upwards. The product comes with 2 kinds of shower nozzles.



Outdoor Sprinklers For Your Dog: Turn on the switch on the back of the product, 4 shower holes with adjustable sprinkler angles on both sides will start sprinkling. The rotary switch can adjust the amount of water, which can be used as an outdoor bathing sprinkler for dogs.



International Standard Hose Connector: This product is adapted to the plastic standard connectors, and suitable for connecting 4/6 external threaded faucets, and easily adapts to all kinds of soft water pipes, which is easy for installation and ready to use without complicated installation.



Strong & Durable: Dog Water Sprinkler is made of durable PP, which can be used for a long time, will not deform, and we guarantee that your dogs won’t be able to damage it.

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