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Cats Fidget Spinner With Catnip

Cats Fidget Spinner With Catnip

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Give your cat an exciting playtime, a training session for those small paws!



The spinning moves will draw your cat’s attention and they won’t be able to resist playing with this fun toy for hours.



Playtime with Grooming: Your cat will love grooming themselves while they play! It promotes better oral health by gently rubbing away plaque and food debris from their teeth.



Increase Cat’s Exercise Time & Stay Healthy: Our Cat Fidget Spinner is the best and easy way to get your cat off the couch. This new activity will help them to maintain their health and keep a good weight.



Soft Scratch Hair Brush: The Cat Fidget Spinner is designed with a hair and face rubbing brush in the middle. This is a self-grooming tool and it will comfort your cat while playing.



LED Ball with Automatic Switch: Did I mention the automatic turn-on/off LED light ball? It is motion-activated, which means you never need to turn it on or off. It will light up when your cat is playing with it!


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