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Cat Corner Brush

Cat Corner Brush

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Cats Are Losing Their Minds Over This Cat Corner Brush!



This Cat Corner Brush is a self-grooming aid for cats, designed according to the cat’s lifestyle, helps remove and collect loose hair. Your cat will enjoy it very much.



Made of eco-friendly softer plastic bristles. It helps to remove and collect the loose and shed hair easily.  Place it on your wall. Place it on your furniture or doorways. Cats enjoy rubbing their faces up against this to mask their scent and de-stress.



Our Cat Corner Brush is a grooming brush that your cat can use by itself! Just attach it to your wall or any low corner for your cat to brush up against. The bristles will collect shedding hair and keep your cat nicely groomed.



It has a catnip pouch inside and will make a great massage toy for your cat! Your kitty will thank you later.



Cat Corner Massage Brush ensures gentle massaging and grooming without pain remove fur or scratch the cat’s skin. The soft bristles will never fall off, please feel free to use them!


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